Radia is enabling the best onshore wind energy and cheaper green electrons – through a unique aerial transportation solution – to help the world meet its decarbonization goals

For the world to meet its decarbonization targets, onshore wind energy must be a significant and increasingly large part of the energy mix.

The most efficient wind turbines – those that produce the most power and therefore drive costs down – are the largest.

But there is a problem. These large turbines, and especially their blades – the largest today and the even larger ones planned for the future – are the most difficult to deliver and deploy.

Radia will overcome these barriers. Radia is an energy company building a unique aerial transportation solution, the WindRunner, specifically engineered to deliver the largest wind turbine blades and components directly to wind farm sites – including difficult-to-access locations and low-wind locations where large blades are needed to generate power more cost effectively. Simultaneously, Radia is developing a world-class portfolio of wind energy projects to leverage this solution. And we are partnering with the world’s largest energy and industrial companies to support their energy transition plans.

This unique combination of capabilities allows Radia to bring together the ecosystem of stakeholders and partners to enable GigaWind – the largest onshore wind turbines manufactured by our partners and deployed to more places.

The result will be radical expansion of the scope and scale of the onshore wind energy industry, an expanded role for onshore wind in the renewable energy mix, more clean electrons and green molecules at low cost, and significant progress on the path to decarbonization.


Radia has brought together a team of the best and brightest innovators from the aerospace and energy sectors to fulfill our vision of radically expanding the onshore wind market through enabling the deployment of the largest wind turbines of today and tomorrow. This team is executing our two-part mission of building WindRunner and developing the world-class wind energy projects that will be able to use it.

Our founder and CEO Mark Lundstrom is a serial cross-industry entrepreneur and MIT aerospace engineer who has co-founded companies to bring aerospace techniques, technologies and innovations to new sectors, including biotech, telecommunications and materials science. With Radia, he brings these technologies to bear on the low carbon energy transition and, importantly, energy security.

Radia’s leadership team is a mission-driven and high-energy group of aerospace and energy experts with a cross section of skillsets who have left indelible marks in their fields. They include:

Mark Lundstrom
Founder & CEO
Rachel Kelley
Vice President of Aircraft Development & Chief Engineer
Cristine Bloch
Vice President of Aircraft Manufacturing
James Williams
Development Officer
Mohan Natarajan
Chief Commercial Officer
Paul Hanna
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Porter Montgomery
Vice President of Operations
Erica Mirick
Chief of Staff
Jamsheer Anklesaria
Vice President of Corporate Development
Mark Weiss
General Counsel
Dirk Steffes
General Manager, Europe
Mark Gentry
Project Director


Marion Blakey
15th FAA Administrator (2002-2007) CEO, Rolls-Royce North America (Former) CEO, Aerospace Industries Association (Former)
Jason Bordoff
Founding Dean, Columbia Climate School Special Energy Assistant to the President (Former)
Carolyn Corvi
Carolyn Corvi
Head of Commercial Aircraft, Boeing (Former)
Edward Crawly
Edward Crawley
Head of Aeronautics & Astronautics Department, MIT (Former)
Hendrik Gordenker
Chairman, JERA (Former)
Martin Houston
COO, BG Group (Former) Co-Founder of Tellurian
Ernest Moniz
13th U.S. Secretary of Energy (2013-2017)
Brett Olsher
Co-head of Natural Resources, Goldman Sachs (Former)
Malcolm Turnbull
29th Prime Minister of Australia (2015-2018)
Carlos Pascual
Sr Vice President of Global Energy, S&P Global

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