Radia wind farm project

Project Development

To realize our vision of a fully decarbonized grid, Radia is accelerating the deployment of next-generation wind energy. Radia and our partners develop world-class wind energy projects – some of the largest in the world. Most of them take advantage of WindRunner’s unique ability to deliver GigaWind – the largest, most powerful wind turbines ever deployed onshore – and to drive down the cost of clean energy.

Our portfolio of wind farm and early-stage projects in the U.S. and North Africa demonstrates the difference that WindRunner and GigaWind will make. Radia’s development initiatives are creating new opportunities for our ecosystem partners.

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Siting is the focus of Radia’s development program. We work to choose optimal sites – with the right features and the right permitting. Thanks to WindRunner, these sites are now accessible and feasible for development. Our team finds and starts new projects in places that WindRunner has made viable for wind.

Opportunities for Wind Farm Developers

Radia’s projects help wind farm developers build more profitable wind farms and expand their market to new locations and new regions. Because WindRunner can help them build in previously unreachable or economically unfeasible sites, they can achieve a higher rate of return, a lower cost of energy and the highest capacity factor. And because we are a developer ourselves, we can offer developers a chance to collaborate on early-stage development projects.

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Opportunities for Turbine Manufacturers

Radia’s projects help turbine manufacturers sell more of their existing wind turbines and create a pathway for them to sell a new generation of large, high-efficiency GigaWind turbines, expanding to new geographies and new applications both on-grid and off-grid.

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Community Engagement

Decarbonization is a shared goal – one in which communities, government and industry all have a stake. Achieving decarbonization must be a win-win for all concerned. Radia undertakes our development projects with that in mind – and with a firm commitment to the communities where we build.

Radia’s sites are developed in concert with local communities, environmental groups, and federal, state and local government.

To ensure that our clean energy projects truly serve all stakeholders, we work hard to choose optimal sites with minimal environmental impact. We choose low carbon materials and add features – such as bird diverters and visibility balls – to protect wildlife and the ecosystem. And we provide for site-sharing with environmental and meteorology researchers – a way to make sure that our projects produce the maximum benefit.

Low-cost clean energy is what we produce. The well-being of the community and the planet is our ultimate focus.