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Animation of WindRunner landing on a football field
March 14, 2024News
How the World’s Biggest Plane Would Supersize Wind Energy

The Wall Street Journal covers Radia, the unicorn startup that plans to use rocket science to overcome one of the wind power industry’s biggest hurdles with a giant cargo plane. (Subscription required.)

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WindRunner with nose open, loading two giant turbine blades
March 16, 2024News
This will be the world’s largest plane—and it was designed to deliver just one thing

The bigger a wind turbine, the more energy it produces—which is why offshore wind farms have turbines with blades that are as long as a football field. But the largest equipment that exists today can’t be used on land because it’s too big to be delivered on roads. A startup called Radia is working on one potential solution: The largest plane ever made, designed specifically to carry the biggest wind turbine blades to new wind farms while running on sustainable aviation fuel.

Source: Fast Company
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March 15, 2024News
Inside plans for world’s biggest plane that can carry 12 times as much as Boeing

Sitting at a mammoth 356ft long, the revolutionary WindRunner would be longer than the pitch at Wembley Stadium and could hold a whopping 12 times more load than a Boeing 747. Set to carry the huge and heavy blades of a wind turbine on board, the WindRunner could officially become the largest plane by length and cargo volume. Read more from The Sun's coverage of Radia.

Source: The Sun
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Mark Lundstrom_CERAWeek Voices of Innovation
March 12, 2024Press Release
Leaders from Radia Headline Innovation and Technology Programming at CERAWeek by S&P Global 2024

Radia CEO and Founder Mark Lundstrom will be among the technology and innovation speakers at CERAWeek 2024 by S&P Global 2024 – the world’s preeminent energy conference – to be held in Houston March 18-22. CERAWeek 2024: Multidimensional Energy Transition: Markets, climate, technology and geopolitics will explore strategies for a multidimensional, multispeed and multifuel energy transition – one that reflects different realities and timelines by region, technology, industry strategies, as well as the variety of social and political approaches and divergent national priorities in an increasingly multipolar world.

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October 31, 2023Press Release
Mark Lundstrom and Rachel Kelley Selected As Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Rome, Italy — Radia has been selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, a prestigious global recognition for high-impact, high-growth entrepreneurs. Radia’s journey towards this accolade culminated at the Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP) held in Rome last week.

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Figure 11_Bar graph displaying large shares of GigaWind in the US power mix when available
September 2, 2023White Paper
DeSolve Study: GigaWind has enormous economic and environmental impact

A new report by Princeton University researchers Dr. Jesse Jenkins and Dr. Nestor Sepulveda projects the U.S. power grid will use renewable energy produced using bigger and better wind turbines, delivered to more and more places, as fast and as quickly as they can be deployed and can produce energy. According to the report, WindRunner-enabled GigaWind deployment will have a significant impact on U.S. grid capacity, energy prices and emissions.

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